Dr. Vishwas Sharma

M.S. (Ortho)

Fellow Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy - Kuinghee University Seoul, South Korea

Working & Clinical Experience

Dr. Vishwas Sharma is an orthopedician of National repute. He is known for many joint replacement surgeries performed and making the treatment available to millions of people at affordable cost.

Dr. Vishwas Sharma also excels in the surgeries of accidental fractures, crush injuries with the help of Plastic surgeon and team. This team with Dr. Vishwas Sharma also performs corrective surgeries and poly trauma with head injuries.

Dr. Sharma also provide treatment for various painful joints, arthritis and Osteoporosis.

Aditya Super speciality Hospital & Trauma Center provides treatment for:-

1. All types of fractures

2. Joint replacement Surgeries

3. Correction Surgeries

4. Poly Trauma Treatment

5. Fracture Fixation by small incision

6. Surgeries for bone tumours